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30 December 2010

I had a great time playing the WDVX Blue Plate Special today, along with Mister Hazelwood.  It was so much fun I'm gonna go back tomorrow and fiddle with the Bearded.

Last night I got to rock out with the Tim Lee 3 backing up Knoxville's beloved guitar-toting poet shaman RB Morris.  The Metro Pulse gave a nice review with pics here:

A Long Branch Birthday

29 December 2010

Happy holiday recovery and a very happy New Year to everybody!

7 December 2010

More news will show up here soon. There's still plenty to catch up on in the Newsletter links above!

10 September 2010

Welcome to the new, improved, facelifted, redecorated, delicately frosted and dusted with pure dutch cocoa website. I've been wanting to get to this for a long time, seeing as how I've been using the same look for several years. Poke around, listen to some tunes, watch a video. There will be more stuff coming along soon.

Last weekend my wife Paige and I took a trip to Metamora, Indiana, so I could play at their Metamora Old-Time Music Festival. This is the town I've written about, where my great grandparents came from. We had a great time visiting the town and all the little businesses were jumping. The tourist crowd is a great mix of folks from neighboring counties and older bikers passing through on US52. We visited the old cemetery where my great grandparents are buried. There are graves that belong to folks that were born in the 1700s. We spent the rest of the weekend touring giant stores in Cincinnati, but came home mostly with snacks and beverages.

Amid turning a youthful forty this week, I had a great time playing pick-up gigs with the Mumbillies, the Bearded, Alexa Woodward and Elam Blackman. Lots of fiddle playing this week.

Some great gigs are coming down the pike. And my teaching schedule is filling up fast in my new digs at Morelock Music in downtown Knoxville. If you're in town, stop on by. There's always something cool hanging on the wall.

Have a good week, everybody,

22 August 2010

I'm back in sunny (and sticky) Tennessee after a great summer at the NGW. Now I'm setting up for more touring and teaching this fall. Stay tuned...

11 July 2010

The National Guitar Workshop started in Connecticut today. It's gonna be a good time - faculty concert tonight. I'll try to keep the updates coming, but sometimes we get so into it that it's easy to forget the outside world!

1 June 2010

Got back from Jammin' at Hippie Jack's festival last night. This year was the best yet. The weather was mostly beautiful, and everybody played about the best I've ever heard them. So many friends on the bill: Warren Gently, Doug and Telisha Williams, Jay Clark, the Naughty Knots, and new friends like Jimmy Davis and Alan Darveaux. Plus we had the craziest finale jam with Johnny Neel (unofficially dubbed "the damndest gospel hour ever"). It's gonna happen again in September, so keep an eye out.

Coming up for me is the Mt. Airy fiddling convention, and then the Louie Bluie Festival on June 12. Spring time is music time!

9 May 2010

In Knoxville, this weekend was a musical feast. We had a great time at Vestival, and got to see sets by some of my favorite Knoxville peoples - like Jeff Barbra and Sarah Pirkle, the Naughty Knots, Kelle Jolly, RB Morris and Hector Qirko, Quartjar, Johnson Swingtet, and on and on. I even joined SOCM, which used to be Save Our Cumberland Mountains, and now is something else, but just as active and helpful. Then, after a dinner break and some time in the shade, I went to see my friends Hudson K release their new CD, Shine, in truly grand style.

Over in Nashville, things have not been so good for lots of folks. Please keep sending donations toward flood relief and letting your friends know you're thinking about them. I'm thinking about lots of people just like me who have had their whole snowglobe shaken up this week and I can only imagine how hard it's been. I hope things settle down and dry out over there soon!

This week, I get to do a show with Warren Gently, who is one of my favorite musical partners and closest friends. We don't get to play together as much as we'd like, so this show at the Glowing Body is going to be special.

Take care out there,

24 April 2010

Had a great little show with Elam Blackman at the Bistro last night, more like a song swap with an audience and great food.

"Basically Sane" is now available on CD Baby! You can buy it as a download, or as a real CD object that they will send to you. Of course, you can buy the CD from me too.

Upcoming shows will be at the Vestival Festival, Round Rug Concert Series, and Hippie Jack's. Stay tuned.

5 April 2010

Lots of new changes to the website!! The music page is new, with a cool flash-free way to listen to tunes. There are now special pages for the new CD and DVD that allow you to find out details, read my extended liner notes, and order discs to be sent right to you. Just click on the album covers to go to the details page.

Most of the other pages have updates too, and there will be more on the way.

You might need to refresh your browser on some pages to see the latest updates.

Thanks for staying tuned.

1 February 2010

The CD/DVD release shows last week were great! Thanks to the hometown crowd in Knoxville for supporting us and making my Laurel Theater debut a wonderful experience. It was an honor and privelege to play and sing with Trisha Gene Brady, top notch bass man Vince Ilagan, and my banjo toting cohort David Lovett. Hopefully we'll be able to do more stuff together soon.

So, now I have boxes of CDs and DVDs waiting to be heard and seen. Knoxvillians can get them now at Disc Exchange! I'm working on making them easy to order online, and making the CD available for downloadable purchase. You can order them right away by mail! Send me an email or letter using the info on my "contact" page (click the button at left). Prices are shown there.

There is a growing trend in independent music to enlist your fans to financially support an album project ahead of time through preorders and other sponsorships. Some of my best musical friends are following this model and it really works. Unfortunately, I DID NOT GO THIS ROUTE. I paid for the whole thing myself and there were no preorders. So I need you to buy it now, after the fact! The benefit of this is that you know the product exists and you'll get it more or less immediately.

More updates coming soon!

Old News

8 January 2010

Happy New Year, friends!

It’s 2010 and a sense of release is in the air: My new CD, “Basically Sane” will be available soon! To celebrate, I’m having a big CD release show in Knoxville at my favorite musical room, the Laurel Theater, presented by Jubilee Community Arts. There will also be a live DVD available soon “Live At Hippie Jack’s.”

Greg Horne CD Release Show
Date: Saturday, January 23, 8pm
Place: The Laurel Theater
Corner of 16th and Laurel
1538 Laurel Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37916
Directions: Jubilee Community Arts
Tickets: KnoxTix
Cost: JCA Members/Students/Seniors $10
General Advance $11
General Day of Show $12
Children 6-12 $6

There will be special pricing for the CD at the show!

On the day before the show:

Greg Horne and friends on the WDVX Blueplate Special
Date: Friday, January 22, Noon
Place: The Square Room
Listen on the radio in East Tennessee at FM 89.9, 102.9
Listen worldwide online at

About the show:

I'm very excited about playing my own show at the Laurel Theater. I've heard and played more music in this room than probably any other in town, and I'm honored that Jubilee Community Arts is hosting the show. I'll play some of the show solo (like it is on the CD), and for the rest I've asked some of Knoxville's best to be my band: Trisha Gene Brady from the Naughty Knots and Upland South on guitar and vocals, Vince Ilagan from the Tennessee Shines Band (and too many more to list) on bass, and David Lovett on banjo. We'll be playing a lot of traditional old time fiddle music, and who knows what else!

About "Basically Sane":

I started working on a solo acoustic album in 2008, mixed in with lots of other performing, teaching, and production. I simply wanted to get the songs down just like I play them live, and I had no idea how hard it would be (or how hard I could make it). The songs are some of the best I've been able to come up with over many years. I'm really glad to be able to get these tunes out to those of you who have enjoyed them at shows, and those of you who haven't heard them yet. The name comes from a line in one of the songs, "Phone Call from Glenn" which imagines a late night conversation with pianist Glenn Gould. I hope you like it, and I'll try to post more details about the songs and process on my website in coming weeks.

31 Aug 2009

I'm back home from a big summer of old friends, new friends, and music geekitude at the National Guitar Workshop. Big thanks to everybody!

My new album, "Basically Sane," is finished and awaiting packaging and release, so stay tuned for further developments. Also keep an ear out for the new Jodie Manross CD (I produced and played on the tracks), "Myth of Solid Ground," which will also come out very soon!

More news at 11.

7 May 2009

OK, I had no idea I hadn't written anything in this spot since Thanksgiving. Most apologetic. Time has gotten away from me. Tomorrow I'm off to Chicago to back Jeff Heiskell at the AltQ Festival. Most of the winter and spring has been spent working on Jodie Manross' new CD. It's just about done!

And now, story time.

A long time ago, your uncle Greg was a funny-shaped 15 year-old with a funny-shaped guitar. All I did all the time was play on that guitar. I saw an ad in a guitar magazine about the National Guitar Workshop that was going to have Michael Hedges as a guest artist. The workshop was way off in the wilds of Connecticut somewhere, but my Dad drove me all the way from Tennessee to drop me off in a field of people with long hair, black t-shirts, gig bags and the ocassional notebook. No problem.

I’ve been going back every summer since then, as a student and then as a teacher. Every year I have become friends with world-class musicians and students alike. Every year I have heard things and learned things I never would have expected. The classes I took prepared me to be a music major in college, a professional player and writer. My teachers taught me not just how to play, but how to teach.

At 15, I got to play for Michael Hedges, who is sadly gone now. Last year I got to hang a little bit with Hubert Sumlin, who wrote and played some of the world’s most unforgettable blues riffs on the Howlin’ Wolf records. In between I’ve seen former TV stars take beginning guitar classes, and former students who became rock icons and award-winning songwriters.

You can see I have a lot of my life wrapped up in the NGW, and I still believe that no other program can match the level and quality of experience that a week at our workshop gives.

The summer is almost here, and I’ll be going back to teach, play music, make new friends, and see magic happen. There are campuses all over the country. They are close to some and far away from many of you (and me, too!) But sometimes it takes these journeys to find out new things about yourself.

If you know anybody, from teenagers to seniors, who is sort of nuts about guitar, bass, drums, or songwriting, send them to us. There is a downloadable catalog at

Still funny-shaped and sort of nuts,
greg horne

I will be teaching three classes this summer, and there’s plenty of room for you in them!

Seminar: Classic Rock Essentials
Where: NGW Chicago
Judson University, Elgin, IL
When: July 12-17
What: This is your chance to catch up on the riffs, songs, and tricks that made the foundation of rock guitar. Learn how classic songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s have provided us the raw materials that keep rock going forever.

Seminar: Blues Highway
Where: NGW Purchase, SUNY Purchase, NY (Westchester Co. near NYC)
When: Aug 2-7
This is week 3 of the NGW Purchase season
What: This class is a road-trip style tour of styles and sounds from Louisiana and Mississippi up to Chicago. You’ll play music that you won’t hear in many other blues classes, and you’ll learn to do it just like the original players! If you want to get beyond a shuffle and a pentatonic, take a trip on the blues highway.

Summit: Songwriting Summit
Where: NGW Purchase
SUNY Purchase, NY (Westchester Co. near NYC)

When: August 9-14
Week 4 of our NGW Purchase season
What: This is a reprise of one of the most popular courses at our Nashville campus last year. Miriam Davidson, Kiya Heartwood, Bret Boyer and I will lead you through writing classes and performance coaching. You will leave this workshop with several brand new songs of your own and some new perspectives on your process. There is also a contest sponsored by Performing Songwriter magazine, with a week at the NGW and a Martin guitar as prizes! David Wilcox and Robert Lee Castleman will be guests.

24 November 2008

Happy Turkeys! Rather, sad turkeys, happy Americans. Here's a little update for all the pilgrims. Your own Greg Horne is now married to the lovely and talented Paige M. Travis. The happy couple resides in Knoxville, TN, and have nearly returned to normal life. Which means we pass like ships in da night. The wedding was a wonderful party and musical affair made all the better by our insanely generous family and friends.

It's been a very busy fall. I played guitar and other things on a new CD release by Heiskell called Clip-on Nosering. Jeff Heiskell was the frontman of the Judybats, one of Knoxville's more successful musical exports of the 90's. The new CD is a bold yet catchy step forward for Jeff, and was musically helmed by Tim Lee. I think there's a link to a video of us playing the CD release show in my Myspace comments.

I've just applied to showcase at the 2009 FOLK ALLIANCE in Memphis, so wish me luck. Last year I was able to do several private showcases, too, so I hope that works out again.

Where's the Waldo-like Greg Horne CD? It's coming.

I'm knee-deep in producing and playing on a new CD by Jodie Manross. Jodie and guitar slinger Laith Keillany were in town in August to record their parts. Now we're adding the frosting.

I got to do a couple of gigs with Knoxville word-spoker Jack Rentfro that were a lot of fun. I also just finished producing and playing a double album of cover tunes about death with my singing friend Don Mooring. Don's sort of an underground type as far as getting the music out there, but I'll keep you posted and see what we can do.

'zat enough?

12 September 2008

Faster than polished steel, the summer has passed (though it's still plenty hot in Knoxville.) I had a fantastic time doing six weeks of National Guitar Workshop this year. I met so many cool songwriters, guitar players, and top notch musicians. I even got to have dinner with blues legends Hubert Sumlin and Bob Margolin, which was a very special experience.

Back home in Knoxville, we started production and recording of a new Jodie Manross CD that will be coming soon. Though I've been doing a lot of self-recording this year, it's nice to be at the controls for another artist. Jodie and Laith Keillany have already put down some great tracks on this project.

Speaking of recordings, Todd Steed just released his new CD, "Eskimo Hair," which has some GH fiddle and lap steel. I also got to play on a bunch of tracks for Jeff Heiskell's (he of the Judybats and Heiskell) upcoming record. Can't wait to hear how it turns out.

My main job right now is to be a reasonably competent groom. Paige and I will be wed in just a few weeks! Send us happy thoughts. We'll eat a cupcake for you. Mmmm. Cupcakes.

Don't wait up,

26 March 2008

We have not fallen off of the face of the earth. It's just that daylight saving came much earlier this year, and it's got us all discombobulated.

I'm off to Johnson City this weekend. Many good GH shows are coming up in April and May, and much work has been done this winter on various projects of indeterminate completion. You know how it is. And before we know it, it will be time to hit the road for another tour of the National Guitar Workshop!

Please stick with me, folks, and I'll try to keep up. More news soon...

13 December 2007

Jingle Ho, Jingle Ho, Jingle Ho Ho Ho,

Santa brought me a bunch of shows to play next week in and about the Knoxville area. There will also be some good ones coming up in the new year.

The elves at Greg Horne industries bustled away the fall by teaching, fiddling dances, and working on a new book that will feature transcriptions of the music of Robert Lee Castleman. RL is one of my favorite songwriters, and Alison Krauss and Alan Jackson think so too. As RL says "that's my opinion, and it should be yours too." We'll keep you posted on the project.

In other news, me and Paige are engaged! I bought a ring and everything. No further details have been nailed down.

Soon I'll be back to recording so I can get some of my new songs down, and then out to you.

Take it easy, and send some happy thoughts and love to those having hard times.

Your long-eared-Christmas-donkey,

17 September 2007

Booyah, I say, booyah to you all,

The summer has just about passed. I’m putting away my seersucker and white shoes and starting to eye my flannels longingly. Thanks to the students, faculty, and staff of the National Guitar Workshop for another great summer. Also, big thanks to Beth and Jack and everyone at Jammin at Hippie Jack’s Americana Festival. I’ve just started to rehydrate after a particularly toasty Labor Day performance, but I’d do it again in a second. Just gimme a second...

I’m booking up more solo shows this fall, and working hard (I swear) on a new solo record. I’m also remastering my Floating World album, now that I’m 10 years wiser in my knob-twiddling. If you’re into the old-time thing, I’ll also be playing lots of Monday night contradances at the Laurel Theater in Knoxville.

Thanks for coming by. Check my “music” section and my MySpace page for new music!

10 May 2007

Salutations, well wishers and web wanderers,

It’s been a busy and very lucky spring here at Greg Horne Industries, even if the founder and CEO is easily distracted by tasks and projects, donuts and shiny objects. In my headphones Neil Young is singing “Tell Me Why” in 1971. Tell me why indeed. Tell me how. But I digress from my catching-you-up duties.

Paige and I bought a house together and have been settling in for about a month. If you don’t know Paige, well, maybe someday you will. But will you get to buy a house with her? We have a whole attic where the microphones and guitars and fiddles live. It has a hatch door, which allows me to pretend I am Grandpa Munster in reverse (he goes downstairs, I go up).

In April, I took a trip up to Pittsfield, Mass. to do some more video lessons for WorkshopLive. This time, I got to act as pedagogical sidekick to one Robert Lee (RL) Castleman. RL wrote some of the best songs you ever heard - and if you are an Alison Krauss or Alan Jackson fan, you’ve heard them. So we hung out for a week and tried to find a good Pittsburgh steak in the Berkshires, while shooting some pretty cool lessons on how RL plays his own songs. Keep an eye out for the lessons to appear soon.

Way back in February, I went to the Folk Alliance conference in Memphis as a showcasing artist. I played several 20 minute sets in various places around the hotel, and I also got to join in on some sets with my friend Beth Wood. We’ll be playing again soon. Shout outs also go to Lee Quick, Chris Rosser, Dan Montgomery, John Paul Keith, Ted and Sally, Chad and Tony, David, Nathan, and Tommy Ramone (who signed my notebook, because I am a music geek). And big thanks to Louis Meyers and the people who make that thing happen. Wow.

Otherwise, there’ve been some family travels, as well as lots of teaching great folks at Pick N Grin and at the Community School of the Arts. And I’ve been playing for more contradances than ever. Come see me play in Knoxville, or come take a class in songwriting or roots guitar with me this summer at the National Guitar Workshop. I’ll be in Austin, San Francisco, and Connecticut.

Hope to see you soon. Keep asking when I’m going to get my record together. Then hand me money and one of those time-turner things from Harry Potter.

P.S. Neil Young may be the only person I’ve ever heard pronounce the word “February” like it’s written. I feel like sharing today.

24 January 2007

Hello neighbors,

It appears that a great many of us have made it through the holidaze and have now arrived at winter. Some folks have even stopped wearing tank tops for a couple of weeks until this whole thing blows over.

Things have been busy at Greg Horne industries. I'm working on a new solo record (as in, really solo). I've also been playing more fiddle lately than ever, so it's starting to get sort of listenable.

Coming up on February 3 I'll be playing fiddle as part of a special concert called Echoes of Appalachia. Organized by composer James Carlson, the concert will feature new music compositions by regional composers that incorporate Appalachian folk elements into the pieces. Jim and I worked up a very cool piece that is based on the fiddle style of Edden Hammons, who was a great West Virginia fiddler in the mid 20th century. The concert is at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church on Kingston Pike just West of UT. Sean McCollough and David Lovett will also be joining me to play some old-time music during the concert.

In other news, my solo shows at the Corner Lounge continue every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. These are early, free, and I desperately need to build an audience. So if you can't come, send that guy in your office that always complains about having nothing to do on nights when Lost isn't on.

For you non-tater-tot-and-beer-consuming folks (and even for them too), I'll be doing a Blue Plate Special on WDVX at noon on Wednesday, February 7 [CORRECTED DATE!]. You can come in person, or listen on the radio, or worldwide on the interweb.

And finally, I've been invited to do some showcases at the Folk Alliance National Conference in Memphis at the end of February. So think happy thoughts and hope that I get some good gigs out of it!

30 November 2006

It's the most...wonderful TIIIIIIIME of the YEEEEEEEEAR!

Hi folks. I just got back from kicking off the holiday season by spending Thanksgiving in Cleveland, OH. Many thanks to the Old Stone Presbyterian Church, who invited me to play at one of their concerts last Saturday, just before the parade and lighting of the square! I had a great time and we got to see some fantastic stuff at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Joe Strummer's handwritten lyrics for the Clash did make me a little misty, I must say.

I'm still at the Corner Lounge in Knoxville EVERY WEDNESDAY (well, just about)at 7:30. I need some people to come see me and bring friends - I can't do it without you!

On December 15, 16, and 17, I'll be playing guitar, mandolin, and singing for the Circle Modern Dance "Modern Dance, Primitive Light" shows. I've been wanting to join in on this Knoxville holiday tradition for a long time, and this is the year! Some of my closest friends are involved, and two of them, Andre Hayter and Angela Hill, will be moving out of the country soon, so this is a very special set of shows. I'll be playing in the band with Andre, Nathan Barrett, and Rachel Parton. We'll be playing some of my tunes as people are seated, so come early!

December 15: two shows, 7 and 9
December 16: two shows, 7 and 9
December 17: one show, 3pm

I want to tell you about a cool show I'm involved with in February 2007. It's part of the PALS (Performing Arts Lecture Series) held at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church. Our particular show is called Southern Voices, and will feature new music compositions by regional composers that utilize traditional Appalachian music as source material. I will be playing fiddle on a brand new piece composed by James Carlson. We based the composition on tunes by West Virginia fiddler Edden Hammons, who made some home recordings in the 1940s. It's been a truly exciting collaboration and I can't wait for folks to hear it.

Happy Holidaze - more soon!
-your little helper ("I want to be a musician!"), greg

23 August 2006
It was another great summer at the National Guitar Workshop. Special shout-outs to my students, new friends, and the people who make it all happen. I had a great time in Austin, Chicago, and Connecticut. I even got to try on a new hat as "Music Director" in Connecticut. I hope it went with my outfit.

I got the chance to back up my friend Jodie Manross opening for the Blind Boys of Alabama at the Bijou Theatre a couple of weeks ago. It was certainly the best gig we've done together, and the Blind Boys were outstanding. Thanks, Jodie!

I'm back to playing solo shows every Wednesday (almost - keep an eye on the schedule) at the Corner Lounge in Knoxville. These are early shows from 7:30-9, and free, so come on down! Nothing like a lovely beverage from the Corner to stiffen your resolve for the rest of the work week.

Stay tuned for more soon!

Greg "I buy my shirts on ebay" Horne

23 May 2006
Word up, uh, yo,

Many new shows on the schedule page, including a solo live webcast at noon on Thursday, June 1 on WDVX, and the Tim Lee Band goes to BONNAROO. I don't know, I just like the word better in all caps.

Read on for earlier, but still relevant updates.

your songist,

17 April 2006

Well, we've all sprung forward at Greg Horne Industries, and like unto the bunny, things are hopping. I'm still playing EVERY WEDNESDAY 7-9 at the Corner Lounge, in cozy North Knoxville. It's free. It's early. It's solo, acoustic, and mostly original. I play different things every week, just in case someone happens to come twice. Come help me build my reputation from a shrug to a buzz!

The new Tim Lee record, Concrete Dog, is out as of April 11. I play much loud guitar and sing some reasonably harmonious harmonies on this, Tim's best album yet. That's what the critics keep saying. Check it out and buy many copies from Tim Lee!

In coming months, I will be playing more solo shows, writing new songs, teaching workshops, and carrying on in general. Scroll down through the old news for links to some of the stuff I do. Thanks for your support!

Your best kept secret,

4 January 2006

Happy Gnu Jeer. Quick news, more soon! See the schedule update - the Wednesday evening solo shows at Corner Lounge continue (7-9p.m.).

Also, WorkshopLive is now online! This is a cool site with a vast library of multi-media guitar lessons in all levels and styles with more features than you can shake a pick at. Get your own personal Greg Horne, or Matt Smith, or Jodie Fisher, or Tom Dempsey, or Susan Mazer, or Lou Manzi, or (insert your favorite National Guitar Workshop teacher here) any time day or night!

Stay tuned-


5 December 2005

Ah, grey December in Tennessee. I just got back from a family trip to Cleveland where we saw the Rock Hall of Fame, the Orchestra, and experienced a whole new level of bone-chilling wind. Why is my strongest memory the plaid-trimmed jumpsuit of one of the Bay City Rollers (Eric Faulkner to be exact)?

More solo shows in Knoxville on the calendar page! A weekly gig at Corner Lounge on Wednesdays at 7pm. It's early, it's not loud, it's a friendly neighborhood joint, it's perfect! If you're near Downtown or North Knoxville, you have no excuse not to check this one out.

Also, come by or tune in for Greg Horne on the Blue Plate, WDVX, One Vision Plaza, Knoxville, Monday, December 12. It's on the radio at 89.9 and 102.9, and the web at

I'm working on new songs, some recording, and some other projects. Remember, GH books make great stocking stuffers, if you don't bend the CD. See below for still pending information.

Stay warm and wear a hat to save energy,

the staff at greg horne industries 28 October 2005

Hello music lovers,

It's been a while, but a hearty autumn howdy to you. Please note updates to the schedule page, and the links page, which now actually works!

The big news is a solo show coming up on Friday, November 4, 6:30 p.m. at the Writers Block Live Concert Series hosted by Knoxville's own tireless champion of the original song, Karen Reynolds. The great Warren Gently will be opening, fresh (sort of) from several gigs this year with Mark Kozelek. The show is in the Knoxville Visitor's Center (also home of WDVX 89.9, 102.9, and so on), on the corner of Summit Hill and Gay Street in downtown Knoxville.

I'm still playing quite a lot with the Tim Lee Band. We just played a fun show with Mitch Easter in North Carolina, and another at Knoxville's best little music bar, the Corner Lounge. We're wrapping up a new album of straightforward rock and roll tasties as we speak. Look for release in the Spring (a healthy bit of general advice as well).

This summer was another great run of National Guitar Workshops. I had so many great students and got to be around some of the best teachers and players in the world. It was particularly spectacular to get to co-teach a songwriting seminar with my friend Deirdre Flint, and another with Robert Lee (RL) Castleman. RL was an influence on me many years ago when he worked at the Workshop, so having him back as a teaching partner was a real honor.

Work is beginning on a Greg Horne solo record (as in, just me), so stay tuned and send words of encouragement (or large amounts of free cash).

"Teach Yourself Songwriting" is out and available. Other new instructional releases (do you hear sleighbells?) are the DVDs for Beginning Mandolin, and Beginning Acoustic Guitar. Talk to your local music store about getting these from Alfred Publishing (enter site, then search catalog for "Greg Horne,") or email us here at

Speaking of instructional stuff, I've been involved in both some planning and doing some video lessons for, which will be launching soon. It is a MASSIVE and exciting subscription-based site that will be full of hundreds of video lessons, music, and other groovy extras related to music-geekdom. Keep an eye on the site for details.

Please stay safe and share what you have with those who don't have. I hope to see everybody sometime soon!


05 May 2005

Wow, so there went winter and most of Spring! I got to do some great shows on mandolin and guitar with Beth Wood, played South By Southwest with the Tim Lee Band, and taught a lot of lessons. I've been working up some new originals, so keep an ear out. We've also gotten a great start on the next Tim Lee record. We'll be doing more recording soon at Money Shot Studio in Water Valley, MS (under the watchful tinted glasses of Bruce Watson), and Don Coffey, jr.'s Independent Recorders here in Knoxville. The forementioned Don (aka Donnie Hott) is also putting on a helluva rock festival (aka Hottfest, aka D__aroo) at the Corner Lounge in June. See the schedule page and for details.

In publishing news, I will have a new book coming out in the summer called "Teach Yourself Songwriting," published by Alfred. We just recorded the CD at Collin Tilton's lovely Bar None Studio in Connecticut. The backing band on the CD includes Noah Baerman, Pete Sweeney, and Joe Bouchard. Joe is an acutal card-carrying rock star, a former member of Blue Oyster Cult! All the guys are National Guitar Workshop veterans. I'm greatful to them and editor Burgess Speed for helping it all come together. Also keep an eye out for a DVD of my book Beginning Acoustic Guitar to hit the shelves sometime this year.

Greg Horne is coming to teach at a National Guitar Workshop near you. See the schedule page for details. Also see or call (800)234-NGSW.

Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger...GH

24 January 2005

Look, Ma, an update in under 3 months! All the folks at Greg Horne industries hope you had lovely holidaze. And we give our best thoughts to those who have suffered losses, too.

Many things are coming together this winter. Jodie Manross' CD "Don't Save the Kisses" is out and doing well. Work has finished on our friend David Lovett's CD "Five Miles From Town." David is a great banjoist and long time musical partner in various old-time and bluegrass configurations. I helped play and produce the CD. Release party is March 12 at the Laurel Theater in Knoxville.

Beth Wood is also releasing her new CD, with some GH picking contributions. I will be joining her for several dates in March. See the schedule page!

The Tim Lee Band is going strong on the heels of Tim's album, "No Discretion." We will be playing at South By Southwest in Austin, and at the International Pop Overthrow in Nashville, along with many other dates this winter and spring. See the schedule page!

Yes! You got it! The schedule page has actually been updated! Content abounds! (well, sort of).

Take care everybody, do some good, and keep visiting for updates, including my schedule with the National Guitar Workshop. See you soon, GH

19 November 2004

Hello, interested parties. We at Greg Horne industries (Captain Jack Sparrow, management, Rocky Squirrel, publicity) hope your fall is a gentle descent.

Sorry about the guestbook mess. I'm trying some new settings that may help.

So much has happened since the last update. There are now five instructional books by GH available from Workshop Arts/Alfred Publishing and your local music store. Go to and check out the store!

Beginning Mandolin: Learn mandolin through bluegrass, blues, and authentic old-time fiddle tunes

Intermediate Mandolin: More real jam tunes, techniques, and improv skills

Beginning Acoustic Guitar: A step-by-step method to playing the music YOU want to play on the guitar (great for electric beginners too, it�s really the same)

Intermediate Acoustic Guitar: Improvisation and soloing, rhythms and grooves, alternate tunings

Mastering Acoustic Guitar: More tunings, modes, composition, and unusual techniques

The Multi-Instrumental Guitarist: How to play a bunch of string instruments you might find in a closet or at a pawn shop, all in one volume.

Production work is finishing up on a new book: Teach Yourself Songwriting. This was a tough one to write, as you might imagine. I took the challenge to heart, and we�ve put a lot of work into making this a useful book for anyone who�s working on making songs.

This summer�s National Guitar Workshop was the biggest ever. In addition to a couple of songwriting seminars, I got to teach a roots guitar class (�Highway 61 Roots Guitar�) that was a blast. Again, check out for next year�s plans.

In completely other news, I�ve spent the fall playing loud rock guitar all around the South with the Tim Lee Band. Tim is a fantastic songwriter, incendiary guitarist (no kidding) and friend for many years. Susan Lee plays bass and does graphic design on the CDs. The drummer is Don Coffey, jr., who was a driving force of Superdrag, and is now the producer/engineer of Independent Recorders studio in Knoxville, TN. I love this band and we rock. We are attempting to introduce the world (one affable drunk at a time) to Tim�s new record, No Discretion, available from Paisley Pop records and Tim�s website,

Our real reasons for touring are to investigate barbecue, visit cool studios, and shake hands with rock luminaries from Tim�s colorful past, which are as good as any reasons.

At home, we�ve finished production on Jodie Manross� new release, an EP called �Don�t Save the Kisses� (named after her cover of one of my oldest songs-an honor and a surprise!). See for more.

I�ve also played on a few tracks of Beth Wood�s new record, currently being recorded with Chris Rosser in Asheville, NC. Beth�s songs are great and we�re doing our best to do no harm. See

Meanwhile, Captain Jack is chasing me with a pistol and a whip in the interest of �encouraging� me to get back to writing and recording my own stuff. I am distracted by shiny objects and old-time fiddle jams, but I�m working on it. Please think happy thoughts.

So, there�s the seasonal update. Thanks to everybody visiting from the books and the National Guitar Workshop and elsewhere.

More news and touring coming soon...