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Total DVD length: 57:08

Song List:
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Maybe It's Not So Bad

All Eyes Are Upon You

Fall on my Knees

Siberian Express

Five Miles to Go

Fiddle tunes:
Sandy Boys/Stay All Night/Little Dutch Girl

I Liked You Better

Fiddle tunes:
Wallkin' Up a Georgia Row
Washington's March
Rocky Mountain Goat

Phone Call from Glenn

Rag Doll

November, Metamora

Amazing Grace

About the DVD:

Greg Horne - guitar, fiddle

"Greg Horne Live at Hippie Jack's" features a complete solo festival performance. Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s is an Americana music festival that happens in Tennessee every Memorial Day weekend (and sometimes more often). Some of the performances are recorded and produced for Public Television.

Jammin' at Hippie Jacks is one of those rare environments where the setting, the vibe, and the moment fuse and the music comes alive.  As a performer, it feels like sharing songs at a family picnic (with a really big family and some nice lighting).  Then you walk a few steps off the stage, pull up a chair, and you're a fan.  The bar gets raised pretty high by the folks who are presented at Hippie Jacks, which always inspires me to keep honing my own craft.  This is what being a musician in Tennessee is all about.

This show was recorded on Labor Day, 2007, at a summer edition of Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s. The sun was heading down on the last day of the festival and it was hot as blazes. Photographer Jack Stoddart and his family built this stage in a beautiful secluded field in Overton County, Tennessee, up on the Cumberland Plateau. You’ll see Jack and the boys manning the cameras. Their vision and generosity have been a great gift to original and roots music.

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